Penalty Services Limited Data Protection Statement

Penalty Services is a Data Controller and complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR). Below is a summary in general terms of the data being processed and how we deal with that data.


Who Are We?

Penalt Services is an independent company providing appeal services for rail companies that issue Penalty Fares Notices using their Revenue Protection Policy.


What Information Do We Collect?

Penalty Services collects personal details that are provided in relation to an appeal for a Penalty fare Notice. We also collect information provided at the time the Penalty Fare Notice was issued. We may also obtain information from other legal sources that is required for the fair and correct assessment of Penalty Fare Appeals. You have the right to see any personal data held on you and will provide this information at the relevant cost permitted by law. Please send requests in writing to the address given below.


Is Any Of The Personal Data We Collect Sensitive?

Some of the data collected may be deemed sensitive, where required by law, we will obtain your consent at the point this information is required.


What Do We Do With Personal Data?

We process personal data to enable us to hear appeals for rail Penalty Fares on behalf of train operating companies, to provide data of rail Penalty Appeals to the Department for Transport and train operating companies, to maintain our accounts and records and to support and manage our staff.


Do We Use Personal Data For Marketing Purposes?



Do We Give Your Personal Data To Anyone Else?

We sometimes need to share the personal data we process with you and also with other organisations. Where this is necessary we are required to comply with all aspects of the DPA. What follows is a description of the types of organisations we may need to share some of the personal information we process with for one or more reasons.


Where necessary or required we share information with:

  • Family, associates and representatives of the person whose personal data we are processing.
  • Train operating companies and their debt recovery agents.
  • Department for Transport
  • Central government
  • Transport for London
  • We may also share your data where legally obliged to do so, or where a duty to disclose information is in the public interest.


How Long Do We Hold On To Personal Data?

We retain personal data for as long is as necessary to complete the services we provide in accordance with the law.


Typically this will be:

  • Five years for data relating to Penalty Fares, reports or generated statics.
  • One year for personal data e.g. names, addresses or other such data obtained during our enquiries.


How Can I See What Personal Data Penalty Services Hold For Me?

All personal data that is held by Penalty Services is available to you online. To access this information and to check the status of your appeal go to the Make an Appeal page on our web site and follow the instructions to track an existing appeal. Data is held at two levels, the top or notice level shows any information taken from the train company concerning the Penalty Fare Notice that was issued. The second or ‘per appeal’ level for the notice can be accessed by clicking the ‘More Info’ button for each appeal on the notice page.


Some types of information obtained during the assessment of an appeal are private to the train operating company, are not private to an individual and cannot be shared.


Any requests sent to Penalty Services for personal data to be made available to an individual will primarily be directed to this information online. However, if you would prefer to submit a Subject Access Request by post, please send this in writing to the contact address given below. Advice on how to prepare and submit a Subject Access Request is given on the ICO web site .


Please be aware that as all the information held is already available as described above, an administration fee of £10.00 is payable before any such request can be considered. This amount is payable by cheque in advance. Cheques should be made payable to Penalty Services Ltd.


How To Contact Us?

All postal cerrespondence should be sent to:

Penalty Services Ltd.

12 Deben Mill Business Centre

Old Maltings Approach




IP12 1BL.